The major shareholder of Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd recruited Mike Janssen as CEO in late 2008 to return the company to profitability and to revitalise the company’s management and staff into becoming a model forestry company in Papua New Guinea that fulfilled the vision of what PNG Sustainable Development Program wanted to achieve with their forestry acquisition. Mike was later invited to join the Board of Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd as Managing Director.

Mike joined the team after spending a number of years consulting in Indonesia for a large multination forest products company in the field of Supply Chain Management.

Before that Mike spent over 20 years in Southern Africa working for Sappi, a global forest products company with manufacturing operations in Africa, Europe and the United States and before leaving Sappi he was a Director of Sappi Forests (Pty) Ltd.

Mike has held positions in Project Engineering in pulp mill and chemical plant construction and Maintenance Engineering in forestry operations and Chemical Plant maintenance. He has also held various positions in Forest Management and also Logistics and Supply Chain Management in both the forestry industry and the manufacturing industry.

Mike has an extensive history of involvement in turning around poorly run departments or new start-ups as well as change management and the introduction of new systems. He was awarded an Excellence Award from the South African Institute of Forestry for his work in Forestry Pulpwood Transport in South Africa and also the Sappi Chairman’s Annual Award for a project to reduce costs in Transport in South Africa.

Mike has qualifications in Mechanical Engineering, Road Transport and Project Management.

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